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EMNDS currently supports the following projects:

System Engineering and Technical Assistance

As a subcontractor to Sentek Global, EMNDS provides program-management services (including program-office operations and risk-management) and technical services (including system engineering, feasibility analysis, and test and evaluation) to the Navy Command and Control Program Office (PMW 150), PEO C4I. The goals of this project are to maintain and upgrade tactical data links and related systems to assure reliable tactical communications among operational forces across the armed services.

Under this project, EMNDS supports Link 16, Submarine Link 16, NEW, C2P, DNM, JTIDS, and MIDS. EMNDS also provides Casualty Report summaries, Help-Desk support, and message traffic authoring in support of GCCS-M and TBMCS for PMW 150 and the Fleet Readiness Directorate.

Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), Airborne Maritime/Fixed (AMF) Domain

As a subcontractor to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), EMNDS provides program-management services (including program-office operations and risk management) and technical services (test and evaluation) to the AMF JTRS Program Office. The goal of AMF JTRS is to provide Joint Tactical Radio sets to operational forces airborne, afloat, and ashore, to support tactical communications and networking.

Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS)

As a subcontractor to CSC, EMNDS provides program-management, systems engineering, and test and evaluation to the MIDS Program Office.

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